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The Paul Gillette Fund is named in honor of the founder of MDIS, Mr. Paul Gillette. It enables families to provide their children with an international education that they could not otherwise afford.

The number of families that can we serve is directly dependent on the financial health of the PGF. We are seeking generous contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations. Currently, the PGF requires US$100,000 (IN₹ 66 lakh) annually to fund our financial aid program. MDIS is committed to contributing 10% of this amount through our operations. Help us bridge the gap. The philanthropic support of people like you will ensure that we are able to accept a greater number of national and international worker families into our financial aid program in the future. Please prayerfully consider how you could partner with us in fulfilling our pivotal role in His work here in India. 



Ebenezer Community School (ECS) grew out of a popular Sunday School program in 2000 and was initially managed by the Nagaland Christian Fellowship, who were passionate about investing in the children of Chandan Hola. Over the years they have worked to provide quality education to the community, currently teaching 230 of the community’s children, who all live within a five-kilometer radius of the school. The families, predominantly Hindu and Muslim, that choose to educate their children at Ebenezer pay a monthly fee of Rs 450-500 (US$7) per student, from their monthly household income of approximately Rs 6000-10,000 (US$90-$150). Despite parents paying fees, the school has struggled with their finances primarily due to the fact that they had no other income sources.

During this time, Metro Delhi International School (MDIS), a unit of EWEF, became aware of Ebenezer’s financial difficulties and have been assisting Ebenezer for many years by covering the cost of the teachers’ salaries. More recently, MDIS students have visited Ebenezer as part of their service learning curriculum and two of the staff from MDIS regularly visit Ebenezer to invest in the teachers’ development. In August 2016 EWEF took over the ownership of the school.

We are privileged to be a part of what God is doing in the Ebenezer Community School community and are excited about the learning and development that will occur as we invest time and energy into curriculum development, teacher training, and provide administrative support.

Thank you for your generosity in partnering with us to build a healthy learning environment for the children of Ebenezer Community School. We are excited that together we can provide wider opportunities for these students and encourage them to positively influence their community and the nation.




Annual Giving Plan is planned for regular giving through the year. Our Annual Giving Plans start at US$ 25/month.


Companies will often match gifts given to registered non-profit organizations dollar for dollar. Please let us know if you work at a company that matches donations. Your gift could be doubled!


A one time "love" offering towards whichever cause you choose.


We are partnered with Christar in the United States of America.

Christar is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to MDIS through Christar are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Click Here to Know More.



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