What is the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Test?

The NWEA™ MAP® Growth™ (MAP) is created by NWEA, a 40 year old research-based, not-for-profit organization in the US that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency. Currently trusted by educators in more than 9,500 schools, districts, and education agencies in 145 countries, Metro Delhi International School is proud to be able to offer the NWEA™ MAP® Growth™  Assessment Service to your child. 


When: First week of October 2020

How does the MAP Growth test work?

The MAP® Growth™ Test assesses your child’s level of ability as compared to other students who have taken this test in the areas of mathematics, reading, and language usage. MAP tests are unique in that they are adaptive tests. Adaptive tests become increasingly more difficult as your child answers questions correctly. When your child incorrectly answers a question, the test adjusts its level of difficulty to find the type of questions your child can answer correctly. This method of standardized testing can provide valuable feedback about your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

Why should my child sit for the MAP® Growth™ Test?

Developed by researchers, educators, and psychometricians, MAP is a computer-based adaptive assessment that provides precise and immediate feedback so teachers / parents can pinpoint current student learning needs, personalize instructional planning and promote student engagement. For hundreds of thousands of teachers, MAP is a trusted resource for measuring individual student achievement, calculating student growth, projecting proficiency on high-stakes assessments, and comparing a student’s growth to that of students across the country. In fact, MAP assessments have been used nationwide in the US by many universities precisely because MAP provides a sensitive metric for measuring and comparing growth among students from differing schools, districts, and states.

How old should my child be?

The MAP® Growth™ is open to all children between the ages of X and X, or, Grades 1 - 12, regardless of their current curriculum.

What will my child be tested for and how long will the assessment take?

Your child will be required to sit for 2 subjects on two seperate days: I. Reading II. Math

How will my child be sitting for this test?

From the comfort of your homes. The assessment will be done on an iPad, computer or Chromebook. MDIS will administer the test remotely, over the phone.

How long does the assessment take?

The MAP test is not time bound but students usually take about an hour.

How often will my child need to sit for MAP Growth?

You will need to have your child sit for this twice in an academic year in order to measure his/her academic growth for that grade level. For the current academic year, the assessment dates are as follows: 1st Test Date: First week of October 2020 2nd Test Date: (Ekta please fill to give parents indication) MDIS will keep you informed of all testing dates well in advance to ensure you and your child are prepared.

What will happen after the assessments are complete?

We will schedule a 15 minutes call to go over results so you may be better prepared to understand what it means. You may use theses resources below to further support your child in their learning journey: Use NWEA MAP Test scores to generate personalized study recommendations; https://www.khanacademy.org/math/mappers Lexile (Strategies for Reading and Vocabulary) Free reading comprehension lessons from Readwork Digital

How are the MAP Growth Scores reported?

Your child’s MAP results are reported in RIT scores. RIT stands for Rasch Unit. The RIT score is a standard scale score, like centimeters and kilograms, that is independent of grade level. A RIT score is an estimation of a student's instructional level and also measures student progress or growth in school. You may have a chart in your home on which you mark your child's height at certain times, such as on his or her birthday. This is a growth chart to show how much he or she has grown from one year to the next. MAP assessments do the same sort of thing, except they measure your student's growth in mathematics and reading. Administered twice a year, one at the beginning, the second in the end, MAP Testing is then used to chart your child's academic growth from year to year.

How much does it cost?

Where can I go to get more information?

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