One of the aims of MDIS is to make MDIS an affordable option for families doing Christian work in the area. Keeping this in mind, we raise money for various projects in an effort to keep costs low for our families. Help us bridge the gap! We need your support.


Financial Aid Program (the PGF)

We have an extensive financial aid program which allows families access to international standard education, releasing them to serve in Delhi without sacrificing the quality of their child’s education during their formative years. The Paul Gillette Fund (named in honor of the founder) ensures the financial assistance these families require. Every year we raise money for this fund through donors who give to the school (one-time, and regular), school events, and two school projects that have been specifically launched to support this fund. For each student on the PGF program, we need approximately $2,500 annually (about $200/month). Our annual goal for this fund is US$100,000. With this amount we can support 40 students on the PGF. The number of families we can support directly depends on the health of this fund. MDIS is committed to contributing 10% of this amount through our operations. Consider supporting these families by giving to the Paul Gillette Fund. 

Code for donations to the PGF: PGF

Ebenezer COMMUNITY School

Ebenezer Community School (ECS) grew out of a popular Sunday School program in a community located in a South Delhi neighborhood. It now serves over 200+ students (Nursery to Grade 5) for low income households in the area. For over 10 years MDIS has supported ECS financially and with teacher training, ESL support, technology, administrative support, fundraising etc. 

Ebenezer’s current need is for teacher support. Ebenezer employs nine teachers and it costs US$3500 to support each teacher for a year. Please consider supporting this school by supporting the teachers. 

Code for donations to ECS: EBENEZER




Annual Giving Plan is planned for regular giving through the year. Our Annual Giving Plans start at US$ 25/month.


Companies will often match gifts given to registered non-profit organizations dollar for dollar. Please let us know if you work at a company that matches donations. Your gift could be doubled!


A one time "love" offering towards whichever cause you choose.

MDIS has partnered with the following organizations to allow ease of transactions for our international donors. 


We are partnered with EdAid in New Zealand. 

EdAid is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 No 2018320 and registered with the New Zealand Charities Commission No CC10450. 

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We are partnered with Christar in the United States of America.

Christar is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to MDIS through Christar are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

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