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Volleyball Victory | HeeSoo K

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

On Saturday, February 1st, the MDIS Girls Volleyball team played a practice match against the 9th and 10th girls team in British School. They played three sets of 15 points each

"At MDIS We’ve been training, and have had a high school girls team for a few years, but had never been able to play against anyone,” shared Mr. Bellingham, Principal and Coach, “We had an invitation from TBS to play against their school, and obviously we accepted. On Saturday the 1st of February, We went and played against them, and had a cool time."

Many players were nervous, as it was the first game ever against another school. Sherry shared, "It was actually pretty nerve-racking initially. We messed up the first couple points but after kind of understanding how the other team played, I think I gained a little more confidence. And then it was just a lot more fun to play after that."

Marianela shared, “It was really fun and exciting to play against TBS. I was quite nervous at the beginning because I didn't know what to expect. I was amazed at their volleyball court because it had internal heating and it was just a really nice place. Entering such a huge school made it slightly intimidating, but it was a cool experience overall.”

"And of course, I was so nervous because we were representing our school volleyball team. It was so nice to have our school people cheering and it helped me get used to the different environment," added Eunjee. Although the team played under a lot of pressure since they were representing the school, the players shared that the people who came to support and cheer for them helped them relax and they themselves were later encouraging each other and communicating.

The match was a complete victory for our school. "We won 3 in a row," Mr. Bellingham shared. "The girls started pretty nervously, so we were down in the first set like 2-8, but then we came back and won that around 15-12. Once we had grown in confidence and had gotten pretty relaxed on the court, since it was the first game ever against another school, they started to play really well and [in] the next two sets, we won them convincingly."

"The match went really well. We didn't go expecting to win, and we were so hyped (excited) when we won the first set," replied Marianela.

Aarna, who joined the school this year, shared her experience. "I think the victory meant a lot to all of us. I don’t know if we play a lot of matches with other schools or not but this was one of the good ones. As a team, it gave us a lot more confidence too. We are a lot more comfortable communicating than we were before, and it was just a great experience, a lot different from matches that I played with my previous schools. When I was in New Jersey there was a lot of pressure whether you won or lost and no one ever actually came to watch anyone play, especially for girls’ teams, as the boys’ sports were a lot more focused on. The environment was a lot more relaxed which helped us concentrate more on the game. There was no pressure as such and we were all playing to have fun."

In terms of getting good at volleyball, there’s nothing better than actual games and compete against other people. Good game time helps players know where you are and develop as a player. "It was a real boost for our girls that they got to see that they were doing pretty well on their progress. After the game, they were like when’s the next game, when's the next game, we wanna keep playing! It really helps the enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of volleyball to have competition." shared Mr. Bellingham. The victory means that the team can start playing other schools at a higher level than expected. It was a great opportunity to check up and see what level the team was at and in what area they can improve.

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