"Zeitgeist" is a German word meaning "Spirit of the Age." At MDIS, Zeitgeist expresses the spirit of the MDIS community by publishing creative work (art, poems, stories, essays) from students, teachers, and other community members in an annual magazine. Creative pieces are submitted anonymously to a student editing staff that evaluates each submission, decides whether or not to accept it for publication, and finally gives personalized feedback to each submitter. The staff members then collate accepted pieces into thematic sections and work on putting them into the layout for the published end-of-year magazine, which is available to buy. To show off the audio and visual talents of the school, Zeitgeist also has a YouTube channel, "Zeitgeist Publication," that publishes student music and films as well as other school event videos.

Throughout the year, a subset of the student editing staff writes content and does layout for a bi-monthly magazine, The Spirit of MDIS, which reports on community events and also includes special feature articles, reviews, opinion columns, and fun activities and puzzles for all ages. The Spirit of MDIS is also ready to support your business by printing your ads for a small fee which goes toward the publishing cost for the magazine. To request ad space or make inquiries, write to