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A Brief Summary of Who We Are

Understand our ideals and history


We have a rigorous program that challenges students to employ higher-level thinking skills such as evaluating, creating, and analyzing. At Metro Delhi International School (MDIS) we operate an American educational program that is based on the Common Core State Standards.
We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an accrediting body functioning out of America. A high school diploma from MDIS acts as your child’s path to enrolling in international universities and colleges. A graduate diploma from MDIS is recognised by the Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to a +2 stage qualification of an Indian Board (CBSE or ICSE).


Students Graduated




Teacher Nationalities Represented

Our Values
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Our Values

We believe in a value-based education that provides national and foreign students with the information, character, and skills that are necessary to pursue a tertiary education  their full potential.

We believe in running an educational programme that is open to kids of all races, colors, and creeds. Our courses are designed to prepare students for life in modern human society.

MDIS envisions students and graduates as servant-leaders who will consciously and constructively impact the world.

Expected Learnings

MDIS Non-Discriminatory Policy

MDIS is committed to ensuring that diversity in every aspect is respected. Our educational programme is open to students irrespective of race, religion, gender, class, and cultural background.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Along with academic rigour and extracurricular activities, MDIS places much emphasis on building up the character of each student. This is done through the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs), the heart of our educational philosophy.

The ESLRs are 8 crucial traits we aim at developing through every subject, every activity, every interaction. Together, they form the acronym CHLORIDE–the element essential to our body’s health and to the chemical make-up of the ingredient that elevates the taste of food. Like salt, the ESLRs give flavour to all that MDIS strives to achieve.



In God, in others and in themselves and in how to communicate their faith, beliefs & knowledge.


Broad-based in order to be spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially healthy.


Active participation as team players and servant-leaders.


Creative and critical thinkers who learn to provide ideas and solutions to problems.


Compassionate, honest, responsible and respectful of individuals, groups and the environment.


Life-long learners continuously developing their curiosity, individual talents, and passion for truth.


Industrious, exemplary and working to meet high expectations and achieve their potential.


Acquiring the knowledge and skills to make a difference both locally and globally.

Or History

Our History


The founders of East West Educational Foundation, Paul and Pat Gillette had a vision to set up educational institutions as their primary vision across PAN India.

To achieve their vision they set up a legal entity by registering its founding charter (Memorandum and Articles of Association) under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 18th January 2000.

The first unit to begin its operation under the aegis of EWEF was East West Language Institute (EWLI) under its first Director, Stephen Arnold.


Metro Delhi International School (MDIS) started in August 2002 to provide an international Biblical based education.

Metro Delhi International School was set up under the leadership of its founding Principal, Mrs. Paula Mowry.


Foreign Language Institute started in the year 2003 and included an ESL Program and Hindustani Publishing under its first Director, Don Rempel.
Hindustani Publishing was later rebranded as East-West Publishing.


In August 2016 EWEF took over ownership of Ebenezer Community School (ECS) EWEF had been supporting ECS for 10 years before it took over the ownership.


East West Educational Foundation (EWEF) and New Delhi Young Men's Christian Association (ND YMCA) entered into an undertaking to run, manage and operate Metro Delhi International School (MDIS) at YMCA Greater Noida Programme Centre

Meet our Faculty

Meet our Faculty

We are proud to have a highly trained group of faculty and administrators from around the globe who ensure that students at Metro Delhi International School are well taken care of.

Deepti Kamaal2.jpeg
Principal and
Head of Elementary

Deepti Kamaal

Deepti Kamaal is from India and graduated from Woodstock School, India. She has a B.A (H) in English and is TESOL trained. Deepti has completed her Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Roehampton, London, UK and received a distinction on her thesis- The Impact of social-emotional competencies on behaviour and academics (in Third Culture Kids). She started working at MDIS in 2008 and has been with MDIS for more than a decade as the Head of Elementary school. Deepti lives in Greater Noida with her husband and two children.

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Sharon Thomson.jpg

Sharon Thomson

Head of Middle and High School & High School Teacher

Elisha Patel.jpg

Elisha Patel

Professional Development Leader & High School Teacher

Anna Hegdhal.jpg

Anna Hegdahl Singh

Head of Department for English & High School Teacher


Jose Morales

Head of Department for World Languages & Middle and High School Teacher

Kay Zosangzuali.jpg

Kay Zosangzuali

Elementary School Teacher


Vanshika Gupta

Middle and High School ESL & Hindi Teacher


Jasmine Lall

Elementary School


Arpan David

Middle and High School Teacher


Dr. Holger Mahlke

High School Teacher


Kuldeep Banswal

Physical Education Teacher


Marta Kuligowska

Child Protection Officer  & Elementary School Teacher

Mary Khawlhring.jpg

Mary Khawlhring

Elementary School Teacher

Trisha Das.jpg

Trisha Das

Middle School Dean & Teacher


Grace Jennie

Staff Care Assistant, ESL Support & ES Drama Teacher

Shikha Joel.jpg

Shikha Kallath

High School Teacher

Esha Abrol.jpg

Esha Abrol

Middle and High School  Teacher

Elizabeth Jackson.jpg

Elizabeth Jackson

Head of Department for Social Studies & Middle and High School Teacher

Faith Boyle.jpg

Faith Boyle

Head of Department for Science & Middle and High School Teacher


Melina Barrionuevo

Spanish & Middle School Teacher

Image #2.jpg

Josue Silva

Head of Sports for ES and MHS

Venus Carrillo.jpg

Venus Carrillo

Head of ESL & Elementary Teacher


Alaina Rast

Elementary School Teacher & ES SEN

Thotmung Muivah.jpg

Thotmung Muivah

High School Dean (Boys) & Music Teacher


Sarah Sigler

Elementary School Teacher


Marisol Morales

Head of Staff Development and Care & ES Teacher


Solomon Papa Kojo Aidoo

Middle and High School Teacher


Adrian van der Merwe

Elementary School Teacher


Twinkle Patankar

Middle and High School Teacher


Christena Joyce Singh

Counsellor & SEN Teacher

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