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Our Curriculum

We have a competitive programme that requires students to use higher-level thinking abilities including assessing, inventing, and analyzing.


We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an American accrediting body. A High School Diploma from MDIS is recognised as a standard of academic achievement by colleges around the world and by the Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to a +2 stage qualification of an Indian Board (CBSE or ICSE).

Elementary School
Early Education

Early Years

Elementary School

Through our Early Years Education program, we are committed to give your child the best start to their learning journey. We strive to create an environment that is safe and fosters a love for learning. We encourage our students to be curious, to inquire, to explore and create and to have fun.

Our play-based approach in class allows the teachers to cater to each child’s learning style. The program is comprehensive and it ensures social and emotional development, physical development, emergent literacy, mathematical and scientific readiness, and creativity through arts.

The MDIS Early Years Education program aims to lay a solid foundation by helping our students develop the skills and abilities needed for future learning.

Elementary school (grades 1-5) at MDIS is a fun, welcoming place for students of different cultures to come together to learn. We celebrate and respect each child, recognising that everyone has their own personality, learning style, and interests. Our teachers are from all over the world and they take special care in attending to the needs of each child.
The elementary years focus on the following areas:

English Language Arts (ELA) - With each classroom having its own little library in addition to the larger school library, students are encouraged to read widely and voraciously. Reading and writing skills are honed through careful attention.

Maths - The curriculum emphasises a step-by step understanding of mathematical concepts and develops problem-solving skills.

Science - An understanding of the scientific method is key to building the students’ knowledge of science and its possibilities. Creative experiments play an important role in these classes. The annual Science Fair is a fun chance for students to showcase their scientific claims and findings.

Social Studies - Students learn about the history of the world not as a dry, theoretical subject full of dates and names but as a trove of people’s stories.

Art, Music, Drama, and Physical Education: While these are often separate subjects in themselves, our elementary school teachers incorporate and integrate these disciplines into their lessons consciously and regularly.

Middle School

Middle School

MDIS middle school is the bridge between the childhood years and the teenage years. Students begin to get a glimpse of what high school might look like–they start to choose electives, organise group activities, and engage with the world around them creatively and critically. Teachers use a combination of participatory classroom strategies and Google Classroom to ensure that students learn in an engaging environment.
With the help of our homeroom teachers, each student also gets individualised attention and care. No matter what the question or concern, students will always have help and support.

High School

High School

AP Courses

MDIS provides a university preparatory education leading to the High School Diploma recognized around the world as a basis for university admission. The Association of Indian Universities recognises the MDIS High School Diploma as equivalent to the 10+2 system qualification from Indian boards like CBSE and ICSE. Thus MDIS graduates may apply to Indian universities as well.
Students from MDIS average high scores in AP Courses, SAT Exams and ACT Tests.

The Advanced Placement (AP) program, offered by the College Board in America, consists of introductory college-level courses that are several steps higher than regular high school courses. Known for its rigour, AP courses prepare students for academics in college by training them in higher level critical thinking and writing. The AP qualification is highly regarded in universities worldwide as proof of college readiness.

MDIS offers a variety of AP courses taught by experienced and trained teachers approved by the College Board. Among others, our accredited courses include AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus, AP World History, AP Art, AP Microeconomics, AP Physics and AP Statistics. We are also an official testing centre for the AP exams conducted by the College Board in May every year. If you are interested in registering for an AP exam at our centre, please contact us at


English as a Second Language (ESL)

MDIS has a robust English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students for whom English is not a first language. Our ESL faculty is trained to teach students from Elementary School to High School through the year. Students are recommended to join our ESL program during the admissions process based on their assessment results.


Co-Op Program

Where we endeavor to support homeschooling families by providing educational enrichment classes and experiences, in a positive and conducive group environment, that are meant to complement and augment existing home based education pursued by families.

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