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Activities and Events

At the core of MDIS is our love for students and the desire to see them flourish into well-rounded individuals. Our events and activities play an integral role in reaching that goal. With each World Culture Day, Sports Day, or fundraiser, we facilitate holistic growth and provide a warm, inclusive environment for skill and talent to develop.

Activities and Events

Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day is a combination of competitive sports, community involvement, and outright fun. While the Red Knights and Black Knights take their team spirit very seriously, the day was filled with the usual camaraderie. Our school field saw students compete in events like soccer, basketball and sprint while parents and faculty went head to head at tug of war. The live hotdog stand put together by our highschoolers raised over Rs.40,000!


Christmas Mela

Light in the darkness

Our annual Christmas Mela is the perfect opportunity for students, parents, and the community to come together and celebrate the holiday season. From carnival games to festive music by our talented students, there's something for everyone at this event. And the best part? Proceeds from the Mela go towards supporting our school's educational programs and initiatives.



The essence of Thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude for the blessings of the year. We encourage the students to take the opportunity to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives and express thanks for family, friends, health, and other blessings. They make Thanksgiving cards and share what they're grateful for.  In addition, we celebrate diversity and unity by having a potluck lunch with all of the staff and students. We play games and eat food from many cultures. The students in our community look forward to this celebration.


Every year, the MDIS literary publication Zeitgeist showcases some of the most talented writers and artists in our school. Curated by our High School English teacher Ms. Anna Hegdahl Singh and a group of highly motivated students, Zeitgeist is a collection of poetry, fiction and non fiction pieces, artwork and photography.

World Culture Day

World Culture Day at MDIS is a celebration of the beauty of our world’s diversity. Our Social Studies department guides students in organising presentations and performances that amplify the world’s geographies, periods of history, and various cultures. World Culture Day this year was conducted online due to Covid restrictions. Parents and faculty interacted with students and learnt more about the world wars, Norwegian fjords, Marco Polo’s travels and other things.


Students await the annual Middle and High School Camp eagerly and with good reason. Along with teachers and volunteer parents, our 6th to 12th graders get away from the city life for three days to a spot that is a burst of natural beauty. This year, our students camped at Sattal. Surrounded by lakes, trekking trails, and hills, their days were filled with both adventure and reflection. Paragliding, hiking, bonfire story-telling, and kayaking kept the students excited and they all returned home with chatter about the special memories they built.

College and Career Guidance

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C&C Guidance

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The journey from high school to college can be confusing, complicated, and downright overwhelming. At MDIS, we assist in the admissions process by guiding high school students in every step of the way. Here are some of the ways we assist our students:

Psychometric assessments and College and career Guidance classes in grade 11

Psychometric assessments and College and career Guidence classes in grade 11

We believe that finding postsecondary options and careers that are an ideal fit stem from understanding the student’s perspective and personality. Students are guided early on in assessing what careers and majors fit them best and how to shortlist colleges based on factors important to them.

Training Ground for writing Statement of Purpose and letters of Recommendation

We ensure that students build up a robust application by focusing on their personal statements and letters of recommendation. We review their essays individually and help bring sharper focus to what they want to say about themselves. Our smaller class size also makes it possible for teachers to write unique letters of recommendation for each of our students so that admissions officers get a holistic perspective of the student.

Inviting External Speaker

We hold career conversations and university visits to our school so that students are exposed to a variety of choices. They also have personalised interactions with individuals from specific fields of interest and further explore their future options.

Taking the Work out of Paperwork

Our counselling team does the legwork involved in submitting documents, processing applications, and overseeing crucial deadlines. There are varying requirements and due dates depending on the colleges and countries students apply to, and we keep tabs on and advise them on every detail of the various procedures. As a registered center for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), for example, we are certified to help applicants who specifically want to apply to higher education institutions in the U. K.

Testing center

In addition to processing applications, MDIS is also an official centre for administering Advanced Placement (AP) exams, Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the University of Waterloo’s Euclid Contest.

Celebrations and Achievements

Congratulations to our students with early acceptances from colleges in the U.S., U.K. and Canada! All of them worked hard to apply for the Early Application round in semester 1, shortlisting their colleges, working on multiple drafts and essays, filling out countless admissions and financial forms, and completing their school responsibilities diligently as well. These students have also received scholarships between $15,000 and $25,000 per year!

Well done, students!


In April 2022, we had our first in-person college visit since Covid! Mr. Ross Jennings, the Sr. Director of International Education at Green River College, Seattle, USA talked to our students on one of the hidden gems of the American college system: two-year colleges. Students learnt of the many benefits of these colleges, including excellent education, transferring to a bigger university to complete their undergraduate degree, financial affordability, and personalised attention.


Alumni Session on The Road to College

We always love having our former students visit us! In February, we had an informal online session with three of our very esteemed alumni: HeeSoo Kim (currently at Seoul National University, S. Korea), Aarna Chugh (currently at Krea University, India), and Aditya Vikrant (currently at Northeastern University, USA). We covered college and career-related topics like how to choose a major and create a strong college application, how to shortlist colleges and what to take into consideration when finally accepting an offer. So much wisdom gained from talking to those who’ve gone before!

Clubs at MDIS

Clubs at MDIS

At MDIS, we believe that, as important as academic learning is to a child's growth, extracurricular activities should be treated as an equal contributor to emotional and social development. Clubs at MDIS incorporate art, music, movement and games. Teachers lead many of these clubs but these are also opportunities for students to take charge of the organisation and execution of the fields they are interested in.

Clubs at MDIS include Puzzles and Games Club, Korean Literature Club, Dancing Club, Reading Club, Art Club, and others.

University Acceptances
over the last 5 years

      Cedarville University, USA
      Pennsylvania State University, USA
      University of California, San Diego,

      Emory University, USA
      Northeastern University, USA
      Boston University, USA
      King’s college London, USA
      Riverside City College, USA
      Dallas Baptist University, USA
      Asbury College, USA
      California Baptist University, USA
      Case Western Reserve University,

      Western Michigan University, USA
      Liberty University, USA
      Hampshire College, USA
      Houghton College of Art and
      Design SCAD, USA

      Taylor University, USA
      Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA
      University of Arts London, UK
      University of Westminster, UK

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United College London, UK

Coventry University, UK

King’s College London, UK

Krea University, S. Korea

Korea University, S. Korea

Seoul National University, S. Korea

YeonSei University, S. Korea

Youngnam University, S. Korea

Webster University, Leiden Campus, Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

VU University, Netherlands

Universidad Evangelica del Paraguay, Paraguay

University of British Columbia, Canada

University Of Winnipeg, Canada

RMIT University, Vietnam

University of Aveiro, Portugal

University of Waikato, NZ

Meet Our College Advisor

Anne Jones has a green Belt Global Career Counseling Certification from Univariety and UCLA Extension. She has a passion for interacting with and guiding students as they navigate the maze of college admissions. Having worked as a research assistant at Villanova University. USA, from where she was also awarded an M.A. in English, Anne brings her writing, editing, and research skills to help student craft the best possible college applications.

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